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Diagnostic Imaging Special Reserve Collection

thumb_ultrasound.JPGThis collection of "Best Bets" for Sonography, Radiography, Nuclear Medical Technology, and Radiation Therapy student projects is located on a cart at the Upstairs (3rd floor) Reference Desk. These books are examples of general imaging books as well as books on specific imaging modalities (i.e. CT, Ultrasound). Some of the books target specific patient populations (i.e. fetal or pediatric), while other books target specific areas of the body (i.e. head & neck or cardiac). Search for your specific disease or condition in the index located at the back of each text. While these books should answer most student questions, there are many other imaging books located in the General collection. Use the Library catalog or seek help from Reference staff members to locate additional resources.

Click here to access the COD Library Catalog Course Reserve: IMAGING: Diagnostic Imaging Special Reserve Cart

R857.U48 C556 2011 v.1 & v.2
Clinical ultrasound

RC78 .E533 2016
Comprehensive radiographic pathology

RC78.F86 2019
Brant and Helms’ fundamentals of diagnostic radiology

RC78 .T25 2007
Taybi and Lachman's radiology of syndromes, metabolic disorders, and skeletal dysplasias

RC78.2 .W43 2019
Netter's concise radiologic anatomy

RC78.7.D53 E36 2010
Clinical imaging: an atlas of differential diagnosis

RC78.7.D53 G73 2014 v.1 & v.2
Grainger & Allison's diagnostic radiology: a textbook of medical imaging

RC78.7.D53 V55 2010
Medical imaging of normal and pathologic anatomy

RC78.7.T6 C6416 2006 v.1 & v.2
Computed body tomography with MRI correlation

RC78.7.T6 C6425 2017 v.1 & v.2
CT and MRI of the whole body

RC78.7.T62 M648 2016
Molecular anatomic imaging : PET/CT, PET/MR, and SPECT/CT

RC78.7.U4 C937 2016
Sonography: introduction to normal structure and function

RC78.7.U4 D514 2018 v.1 & v.2
Diagnostic ultrasound

RC78.7.U4 H33 2018 v.1 & v.2
Textbook of diagnostic sonography

RC78.7.U4 M347 v.1 2011 & v.2 2013
Manual of diagnostic ultrasound

RC925.7.I4356 2015
Musculoskeletal Imaging

RC936 .D515 2017
Diagnostic imaging: Head and neck

RC941 .P55 2007
A-Z of chest radiology

RC944 .B5613 2012
Color atlas of ultrasound anatomy

RD536 .R3213 2018
Body Imaging: Thorax and Abdomen: Anatomical Landmarks, Image Findings, Diagnosis

RG107.5.R3 R33 2012
Radiology illustrated. Gynecologic imaging

RG527.5.U48 S66 2011
Sonography in obstetrics and gynecology: principles & practice

RG628 .S36 2010
Fetal radiology: a diagnostic atlas

RG628.3.U58 P35 2014
Ultrasound of congenital fetal anomalies: differential diagnosis and prognostic indicators

RG628.3.U58 S6 2004
Ultrasound diagnosis of fetal anomalies

RJ51.D5 W45 2013 v.1 & v.2
Diagnostic imaging of infants and children

RJ488.5.R33 D43 2015
Diagnostic imaging pediatric neuroradiology