History Course Outlines and Resources

Why Textbooks Cannot Fulfill the Goals of a College-Level History Course

Our goal as history instructors is to teach students how to think critically about historical events, to draw conclusions based on evidence, and to teach students how to formulate their own understanding of the world through a method of inquiry and analysis. The history survey textbook is used by many college instructors in the classroom. However, it falls far short of the goal of helping students to think for themselves.

Read this essay, written by Sam Mitrani, which highlights the ways in which the textbook fails our students, and suggests how teaching with other readings can promote student engagement...

History Course Outlines without Textbooks

Below find a list of history classes with suggested course outlines and resources. Feel free to use any or all elements of the course syllabus and/or resources for your own courses.

History 2260 - United States Since 1945
History 1120 - Western Civilization since 1600