Computing Support & Printing Services

The Library at the College of DuPage offers a variety of patron-centered computing facilities which are available during all hours of operation.


The Library has computers which are available for use by all patrons. All Library PC's run the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and are connected to network printers and the Internet. A variety of software is available on Library computers. Please familiarize yourself with the policies on the use of Library computers.


The Library has laptop computers available for use in the Library. The laptops run the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Those patrons wishing to connect to the Internet using a Library laptop can do so on both levels of the Library using the public wireless network. The Library also circulates laptop computers for use outside the Library for College faculty and staff. For information about this service, please contact the circulation department at (630) 942-2106.


The Library offers the following software on all of its PC and laptop computers:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 (only at scanning stations)

Public Wireless Network

Library users can access the Internet using the COD Public Wireless network. The network extends throughout the Library and can be accessed with wireless enabled computers.

To connect to the network:

  • Turn on your laptop and open a Web browser.
  • Upon opening your browser, you should be redirected automatically to a secure log-in screen. (This process may take up to one minute depends on the computer's wireless configuration.)

Please note that student laptops checked-out from the Library are pre-configured to access the Internet without having to log in. These laptops are also able to send print jobs to the Library's print queues. Students using their own laptops can save their documents online or copy them to a flash drive and have them printed at the CSPS desk.

If you have any problems accessing or using the wireless network, please contact the Computer Support & Printing Services department.

Computing Assistance

Patrons can go to the Computing Support & Printing Services desk if they need immediate assistance with printers, copiers, microfilm readers, computers and installed software.


All Library computers are connected to network printers. Cost for printing is 6.6 cents per page with a print card or 10 cents without a card. Cards can be purchased at the Circulation desk. Assistance with printing is available at the Computing Support and Printing Services desk. The Library also offers students an express printing station, located inside of the Computing Support and Printing Center. This computer can be used by those students who wish to only print, not edit, their documents.

Print Cards

Rechargeable print cards can be purchased from the Library's Circulation Desk:

  • New Print Cards cost $2.00 each and include credit for 15 copies
  • Additional credit can be added to cards at any time (15 copies for $1.00 or 1 copy for 10ยข)
  • Print cards and credit can be purchase using cash, credit or debit card, or check.

Color Printing and Scanners

The Library has two stations for printing in color and/or scanning documents or pictures. Software appropriate for these activities is also available on these computers. The color printer is also visible and accessible on all public PCs.

Color printing cost is 65 cents per page for 8.5" x 11" copies and $1.00 for 11" x 17" copies. Assistance in using the color printing and scanning stations is available at the Computing Support and Printing Services desk.

Copying Services

There are black and white copiers available in the Library near the CSPS service desk. Black and white copies cost 6.6 cents per page with a copy card and 10 cents without a card. Color copies are 65 cents per page for 8.5" x 11" copies and $1.00 for 11" x 17" copies or color transparencies. Copying services for college faculty and staff are available at the College Copy Center located on the ground floor of the BIC.

Special Needs Computing

The Library offers a variety of assistive technologies for our patrons with special needs. Please refer to the Library Services for Special Needs page for a complete list of these services.