San Luis Videos

San Luis Videos

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Vol. 1. Soil-Plant Nutrient Relationships

Vol. 2. Nutrient Availabilty & Deficiencies

Vol. 3. Soil Testing And Fertilizer Terminology

Vol. 4. Fertilizer Programs And Fertilizer Calculations

Soil Science

Introduction to Soil Science: Soil Forming Factors

The Properties of Soil

Soil Biology: Full Spectrum of Life

Science of Propagation

Seeds (IP)


Vegetative Techniques

Tubers and Tuberous Roots

Plant Hybridization

Grafting Vegetables - Approach and Cleft Grafting

Grains and Legumes




The Fundamentals of Pruning

Pruning Ornamental Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Environments

Farmscaping: Advanced Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

The Farm-Estuary Connection

Tools for Horticulture

Vol. 1: Safety, Design and Selection of Hand Tools

Vol. 2: Hand Tools for Digging, Weeding and Cultivation

Vol. 3: Landscape Construction, Planting, and Watering Tools

Vol. 4 (Two Programs): Hand Tools For Pruning and Cutting and [11:40] Hand Tools For Grooming and Curb Appeal


The Science of Biological Decomposition: Effective Composting Methods

Integrated Compost Systems

Soil Biology: Full Spectrum of Life

Single Programs
Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care

Plant Taxonomy: The Universal Language