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Funding Community College Research


Want to think of innovative research projects that your students can do with a little extra money? The NSF funds grants to enhance student research. In fact, community college professor James Hewlet is just one of many professors who received NSF funding in this article.

Hewlett funded his research through an Advanced Technological Education grant, but there are several available, including and the newly released Community College Innovation Challenge, a program that supports STEM students, faculty, and community (or industry) partners in research projects. Still not excited? Here are all the NSF community college funding opportunities.

Want help thinking about grants, funding, or student research? Feel free to contact me to learn more.


Replicability, Retractions, and Good Research


Heard about the retraction of a prominent article on pluripotent stem cells in Nature? How about the New York Times article published in July about the researcher in Taiwan who reviewed his own articles using fraudulent email accounts? These are just some of many discussions happening around the topics of replicability and the value of peer review.

Check out the following articles for a quick primer on the subject:

What's the takeaway?

When we teach research, we need to remember to teach students to evaluate journal articles as they would any other source. Find an article that contradicts literally every other source that you've read? In that case, look to see what reaction the paper is pulling in from various websites, look at the strength of the research done and the arguments made, and make your best call.

Image Credit: "MESC EBs" by Stemcellscientist - Own work.

Household Products Database


Do you have students in your classes worried about the presence of sodium laureth sulfate in their shampoos? How about students who know that they're nervous about commercial cleaners but can't explain why?

Send them to the Household Products Database, a free database created by the federal government that breaks down personal care, household cleaning, pesticides, and other products that we can easily buy at the store. Students can search by type of product (engine coolant) or by name (Aussie Awesome Volume Shampoo). Once a student selects a product, she can easily see information about the it, including health warnings, chemicals listed as ingredients, the MSDS sheet, and similar kinds of products.

The database could be used as the starting point for projects in biology, chemistry, or even basic health classes.


Back Issues Now Online!

ELLNewsletter.jpgThe COD Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter ran once a month for 5 years and provided instructors with updates on Library services, announcements of newly added ESL and ABE/GED materials as well as a freely available online Resource of the Month.

The online version of the Newsletter was available on three different platforms, making finding older issues a little challenging-- now all five years of back issues are available in one place. Head to and browse to your heart's content.

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New in the CCIC area: Games!

  • The Networking Game
  • You're Hired!
  • Interview Challenge
  • Ethics on the Job

and many more.

All can be checked out and are great for groups and classroom activities.



Supreme Court Reporters

SupremeCt.jpgNew addition to our circulating collection!

West's Supreme Court Reporters from 1952-2002 are now available for checkout.

You can find them in the GENERAL Collection with the call number of KF101 .A322

Yes, these can be checked out for 28 days and even renewed.

Book Displays

CCIC Display
Books on display can get checked out.
Just take your selections to the Circulation Desk and hand them your COD library card. The book will be yours for 28 days.

Got a suggestion for the collection? Don't see your career on display? Ask! We take suggestions all the time.

A Magic Wall of Best Sellers and More

Magic WallThe COD Library now has popular e-books and downloadable audiobooks!

We would like to introduce you to our new collection of popular fiction, graphic novels, biographies, humor and more-- all available through Axis360. The Axis360 collection features a wide variety of downloadable audiobooks and ebooks that you can enjoy for free on Android, Apple, Kindle, Nook and Windows devices.

Getting started with Axis360 is easy! Just download a free app from the Axis360 AppZone and use your COD Library card to checkout e-books and audiobooks from the Library’s Magic Wall. You can keep titles on your device for up to 21 days. We’re adding best sellers and new releases to our collection regularly-- bookmark the Magic Wall and look for Just Added titles, New Releases and Staff Picks.

For more information about device compatibility, installing apps, downloading titles and more, visit the Axis360 Help page.


You can have 2 items checked out at any time.

The default loan period is 14 days, but you can check out books and audiobooks for up to 21 days at a time.

Yes! Learn how to return materials from your specific device at

Yes! If an e-book or audiobook is already checked out, you can request a hold. When that title becomes available, you will receive an email notifying you that your hold item is available for checkout. For more information about holds, see the Axis360 Help page “How to place a title on hold.”

Yes-- if no one else has the title on hold, you can renew items from the COD Library’s Axis360 page. For more information on renewing items, see the Axis360 Help page “How to renew a title.”

You will need a PC or mobile device to be able to download and read or listen to a digital title from Axis 360. Visit the COD Library’s Axis 360 App Zone to download a reader for your PC or mobile device.

Axis360 is compatible with many popular e-book readers, audio players and operating systems. For a complete list see the Axis360 Device Compatibility page.

Interim Hours & Closings, Aug. 1 - Aug. 24

ClockBetween the Summer and Fall semesters, the Library will be closed on the weekends and have reduced hours during the week.

Here is the full list:

  • Friday, Aug. 1, Saturday, Aug. 2, and Sunday, Aug. 3: Closed
  • Monday, Aug. 4 - Friday, Aug. 8: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
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  • Monday, Aug. 25: Normal hours resume

For more information, see the Library's Hours & Closings page.

Have a safe and restful break and get ready for the Fall!