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Style Guide of the American Sociological Association (ASA) from Purdue University OWL
Style Guide of the American Sociological Association (ASA). Reference HM 569 .A 54.

Reference Universe. Use this tool to find good articles in print and electronic reference books. Just type in the subject/topic keyword there in the search box, and then click on the GO button.

American Countercultures: An Encyclopedia of Nonconformists, Alternative Lifestyles. Ref. HM 647 .A 44 2009

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Reference HM 425 .B 53 2007.

Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology. Reference HM 425 .C36 2006

Class in America: An Encyclopedia. Reference HN 90 .C 564 2007

Contemporary Youth Culture: An International Encyclopedia. .

Cultural Sociology of Divorce: An Encyclopedia. (2013)

Demographic Yearbook [United Nations]. Reference HA 17 .D 45

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements. Reference HN 57 .E 594 2004

Encyclopedia of American Studies.

Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World

Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture. Reference HC 79 .C 6 E 53 2011

Encyclopedia of Global Studies . (2012)

Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Reference HM 716 .E 53 2010

Encyclopedia of Human Relationships.

Encyclopedia of Power. (2011)

Encyclopedia of Rural America: The Land and People. Reference E 169.12 .E 5 1997

Encyclopedia of Social Networks.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory.

Encyclopedia of Sociology. Reference HM 17 .E5 2000

The Encyclopedia of Urban America: The Cities and the Suburbs. .

The Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures: Cities and Cultures Around the World. Reference HT 108.5 .E 53 2002.

Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Reference HT 108.5 .E 634 2010.

The Ethnic Handbook: A Guide to the Cultures and Traditions of Chicago's Diverse Communities. Ref. F 548.9 .A 1 E 87 1996.

International Encyclopedia of Adolescence. Reference HQ 796 .I 58 2007

International Encyclopedia of Civil Society. (2010)

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family.

International Encyclopedia of the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Reference H 41 .I58

Isms and Ologies: All the Movements, Ideologies, and Doctrines that have Shaped Our World: The 453 Basic Tenets You've Only Pretended to Understand. Reference HM 585 .G655 2007

Key Concepts in Body and Society. (2012)

Key Concepts in Critical Social Theory

Key Concepts in Family Studies. (2011)

Key Concepts in Leisure Studies

Key Contemporary Concepts

Key Quotations in Sociology.

The New Blackwell Companion to Sociology. Reference H 61 .B4773

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences.

Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior. Reference HM 866 .E 93 2009

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History. Reference HN 57 .O 94 2012

Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: An Historical Encyclopedia.

Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies.

SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies. (2009)

SAGE Stats database. Statistics arranged by topic, state, and local area.

The Social Science Encyclopedia. Reference H 41. S63 2004

The Social Science Jargon Buster: The Key Terms You Need to Know.

Sociology Basics. 2 vols. Reference HM 425.S63 2000

Sociology: The Key Concepts.

Statistical Abstract of the United States. Latest edition on Ready Reference, older editions at General HA 202 .U 5 S 93.

21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook.

Urban Dictionary.

World of Sociology .


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SocIndex with Full-Text (1974-present). References & abstracts for journals for political science and other related social science disciplines.

Other Databases

Academic OneFile (formerly Expanded Academic Index ASAP). An index to over 2500 magazines and journals covering a variety of topic areas including anthropology. This database provides references, abstracts, and many times the full-text of articles. A COD library card is required for off-campus use.

Academic Search Complete [EBSCOhost]1984 to present; 1990 to present- full text). Abstracts from nearly 3000 journals and full text for 1250 journals including general reference, education, social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, library and information science.

The Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Google Scholar. This provides access to many free full-text articles, as well as citations to many other articles.

JSTOR. This is an archive of digitized journal articles ranging in date from the 1700's to the early 2000's. These collections span a variety of subjects in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Physical Sciences.

Military and Government Collection of articles and bibliographic citations.

National Newspapers(ProQuest). This includes the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Open Access Journals Directory (free full-text journal articles)

Policybot. This is a database of over 18,000 public policy reports and documents, most of them full-text & free online.

Project MUSE. This database offers full-text current and archival articles from 500+ scholarly journals from major university presses covering literature and criticism, history, performing arts, cultural studies, education, philosophy, political science, gender studies, and more. Updated continually.

More COD Library journal and newspaper article databases.
Explanation of the Difference Between Magazines and Journals
How to Read a Research Study Article




COD Library Research Guide on Aging
Books and Videos from the Library Catalog about the subject of "Medical Anthropology"
Books and Videos from the Library Catalog about the subject of "Social Medicine", aka Medical Sociology

Cambridge Handbook of Age and Aging

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body. (2008)

Death and the Afterlife: A Cultural Encyclopedia .

Diets and Dieting: A Cultural Encyclopedia. Reference RM 214.5 .G 55 2008

Encyclopedia of Aging . Reference HQ 1061 .E 53 2006

Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health. (2009)

Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience Reference HQ 1073 .E 544 2009

Encyclopedia of Elder Care: The Comprehensive Resource on Geriatric and Social Care . Reference RC 954 .E 53 2008

Encyclopedia of Family Health (2011).

Encyclopedia of Family Life. Reference HQ 534 .E 53 1999

Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior. (2004)

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition. Reference QP 141 .E 526 2005

Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures . Reference RA 418 .E 354 2004

Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology. Reference GN 502 .E 63 2006

Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development. Ref. HM 626 .E 538 2009

Encyclopedia of Public Health. (2008)

Encyclopedia of Women's Health. (2004)

Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health. Reference RC 952.5 .G 3485 2009

The Graying of America: An Encyclopedia of Aging, health, Mind and Behavior. (2001)

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences. (2006)

Health and Illness: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia. Reference R 733 .L 477 1997

Health and Social Issues of Native American Women . (2012)

Health Care Systems Around the World. (2013)

Health Disparities in the United States: Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health. General RA 418.3 .U 6 B 37 2008

Key Concepts in Health Studies. (2014)

Minority Populations and Health: An Introduction to Health Disparities in the United States. General RA 448.4 .L 38 2005

Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics. (2012)

Religion: A Clinical Guide for Nurses. General RT 85.2 .R 45 2012

SAGE Dictionary of Health and Society Reference RA 418 .W 439 2006

Science, Religion, and Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy. (2007)

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices. (2014)


African American history library research guide
Immigration and Immigrants library research guide
Native American history library research guide

A discussion of Race.
A discussion of Racism in the United States.
Literary Theme: Race and Prejudice in American Literature.
Race/Ethnicity and Victimization reading.
Scientific Theories of Race introduction.
List of books in the COD Library on Racism in the United States.
List of books in the COD Library on Race Relations in the United States.

African Americans and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia. (2014)

Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture. (2003)

Encyclopedia of American Race Riots. (2006) Volume 1 (A - M), Volume 2 (N - Z)

Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice. (2015)

Encyclopedia of Race and Crime. Reference HV 6789 .E 43 2009

Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies. Reference GN 495.6 .C 37 2004

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism. Reference E 184 .A 1 E 584 2008

Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society. Reference HT 1521 .E 63 2008.

Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States. Reference E 184 .A 1 E 773 2005

Hate Crime in America, 1968-2013 : A Chronology of Offenses, Legislation and Related Events. (2014)

Race. (New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, vol. 24.) General F 216.2 .R 332 2013

Race and Racism: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic. (2014)

Revolts, Protests, Demonstrations, and Rebellions in American History : An Encyclopedia. (2011)


[You can also find information on this topic in the Anthropology, Psychology, and Women and Gender library research guides.]

Click here for a list of Library books on the Evolution of Sex.
Click here for a list of Library books on the History of Sex.
Click here for a list of Library books on Mate Selection or Sexual Traits.

Click here for an encyclopedia article on Human Sexual Behavior.
Click here for an encyclopedia article on Sexual Selection.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution. Reference GN 281 .C 345 1992

The Collins Dictionary of Sociology. (2005)

The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. General HQ 21 .I 68 2004

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body. (2008)

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast. (2014)

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis. (2014)

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society. (2009)

Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History. Reference TT 957 .S 46 2006

Encyclopedia of Sex. General HQ 9 .E 54 2000

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender. (2007)

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures. (2003)

Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior. General HQ 9 .E 4 1973

Faces around the World: A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Human Face. (2012)

Gay Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia. Reference HQ 75.13 .G 37 2000

Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide . (2010)

Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia. General HQ 9 .H 846 1994

International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinaties. Reference HQ 1090 .I 58 2007

Key Concepts in Body and Society. (2011)

Lust: A Dictionary. (2011)


Controversial Topics resources
Environment and Ecology library research guide
Immigration and Immigrants library research guide

Atlas of Global Inequalities. (2011)

Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints, and Voices. (2010)

The Destructive Power of Religion: Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, essays. Reference BL 65 .V 55 D 47 2004

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice. m (2007)

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today. (2010)

Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Social Issues. (2011)

Encyclopedia of Homelessness. (2004)

The Encyclopedia of Public Choice. (2004)

Encyclopedia of Religion and War. Reference BL 80.3 .E 53 2004

Encyclopedia of Religious Controversies in the United States. (2013)

Encyclopedia of School Crime and Violence. (2011)

Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media. Reference P 96 .A 44 E 53 2011

Encyclopedia of Social Problems. Reference HN 28 .E55 2008

Encyclopedia of Water Politics and Policy in the United States. (2011)

Global Social Issues: An Encyclopedia. (2013)

Globalization : Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics. (2006)

Guns in American Society : An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law. (2012)

Race and Racism: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic. (2014)

Religion and Violence: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict from Antiquity to the Present. (2011)

Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia. Reference HN 57 .S 624 2006



Posters, Presentations, Displays
Social Science Research brief overview.

The A-to-Z of Social Research: A Dictionary of Key Social Science Research Concepts.

The APA Dictionary of Statistics and Research Methods. Reference BF 76.5 .A 7263 2014

The Data Game: Controversies in Social Science Statistics. General HA 29 .M 236 2013

Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology: A Nontechnical guide for the Social Sciences. Reference HA 17 .V 64 2011

Dictionary of the Social Sciences. Reference H 41 .D 53 2002

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics.

Just Plain Data Analysis: Finding, Presenting, and Interpreting Social Science Data. General HA 29 .K 58 2012

Key Concepts in Social Research. Reference H 62 .P 3234 2004.

Keywords in Qualitative Methods: A Vocabulary of Research Concepts. Reference H 62 .B 5856 2008

The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology.

Research Resources for the Social Sciences

Sage Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry. Reference H 61 .S 4435 2007

The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods. (2004)

The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures : Going Beyond Words. General P 99.5 .S 58 2004

SAGE Stats database . Statistics arranged by national, state and subject categories.

Statistical Abstract of the United States . Latest edition on Ready Reference, older editions at General HA 202 .U 5 S 93.

Posters, Presentations, Displays

Background Readings of Articles about Different Kinds of Charts (click here).
List of COD Library Books on Business Presentations (click here).
List of COD Library Books on the Design of Charts and Diagrams (click here).
List of COD Library Books on Graphic Methods (click here).
List of COD Library Books on Presentation Graphics (click here).

Beyond Bullet Points : Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations that Inform, Motivate and Inspire. General HF 5718.22 .A 87 2005

Cool Infographics : Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design. General T 385 .K 786 2014

Designing Data Visualizations. (2011)

Displaying Your Findings : A Practical Guide for Creating Figures, Posters, and Presentations. Reference BF 76.8 .N 53 2010

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization. General T 385 .C 33875 2013

Just Plain Data Analysis : Finding, Presenting, and Interpreting Social Science Data. General HA 29 .K 58 2012

Mapping It Out : Expository Cartography for the Humanities and Social Sciences. General GA 108.7 .M 66 1993

Power Points! : How to Design and Deliver Presentations that Sizzle and Sell. General HF 5718.22 .M 55 2007

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals. General HF 5718.22 .K 373 2010

Presentation Zen : Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery. General HF 5718.22 .R 49 2008

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. General HF 5718.22 .D 833 2010

Show Me the Numbers : Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten. General HF 5718.22 .F 49 2004

Slide:ology : The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. General HF 5718.22 .D 834 2008

Virtual Presentations that Work. General HF 5718.22 .G 46 2010

Visualizing Social Science Research: Maps, Methods, and Meaning. General H 62 .W 448 2012

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics : The Dos and Don'ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures. General HF 5718.22 .W 65 2010

Write a Paper
Sociology Research Paper Ideas
Sociology Student Writer's Manual. General HM 585 .S638 2002


Population and Demography Sites from the Librarian's Index to the Internet
Regional Studies Sites from the Virtual Library
A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
State and Local Government web sites directory.
Statistics selected by your Geography from Federal Stats/Map Stats.