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Dental Hygiene Guide

MP900185147[1].jpgThis guide is a starting point for locating Dental Hygiene books, videos, journal articles, CEUs, images and credible websites.

The menu on the right will help you research, locate, evaluate and cite resources.

Ask Your Health Science Librarian

Do you need help finding information on a specific topic? In addition to using our face-to-face, online and phone Ask A Librarian options, you may call or email me to set up an appointment or to explain what you need (I can often help you via email). Please remember that while I can assist you in finding information and can educate you about locating and citing quality health resources, I cannot diagnose or recommend treatment for specific conditions or diseases. I also cannot interpret assignments--ask your instructor! I will always refer specific medical and assignment-related questions back to your health care provider or instructor. Your questions will be kept in confidence and your privacy will be respected.

For an overview of Library resources and services available to the students and faculty of the Dental Hygiene program, see the 2018 Dental Hygiene Library Accreditation Report attached below.