Listen Up, Podcast Fans!

The popularity of podcasts has exploded over the last few years. If you're not following a specific host or show, it can be a little daunting to dive in and explore all the content currently streaming. If you're interested in listening to pieces about a certain topic, check out Listen Notes.

This free search engine connects listeners with exactly what they're looking for. The Listen Later feature allows you to curate a custom playlist. Not sure what you're in the mood to listen to? Listen Notes has also created helpful lists and trending themes that make it easy to explore what's available. After a bit of browsing, we found a variety of podcasts including The Dropout (about Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes) and The Sporkful (for people who like to eat).

Podcasts aren't just interviews--you can learn a new language, listen to beauty tips, or practice mindfulness. If you're interested in learning more about podcasts, check out the Library's collection of books and e-books. Questions? Ask a librarian!