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Best Commencement Speakers EVER

Picture1_0.pngNPR has selected 300+ phenomenal commencement speeches for your listening (and sometimes viewing) pleasure.

See Jon Stewart speak at the College of William and Mary, listen to Carly Fiorina address MIT grads, enjoy Amy Poehler's 2011 address at Harvard. There are authors, entertainers, politicians and CEOs-- all of them great speakers with sage advice for graduating seniors.

Learn to Love Research-- just a little bit

QuinnAnya.jpgJoin us in March for a spectacular line-up of Research Workshops and Webinars that might just help you develop a crush on the Library.

Here are just a few of our upcoming offerings:

  • APA and MLA Citing & Formatting
  • Searching Science: Using Science Direct NEW
  • Find your Sources in JSTOR
  • Project MUSE NEW
  • Welcome to Zotero
  • You’re the Boss of Google: Using Google for Research
  • Intro to Databases NEW

As always, SOS Workshops & Webinars are free and no registration is required. Just head over to and take a look at our Calendar or Current Schedule for dates, times and descriptions then pick the session that works for you.

Download the March flier, but keep in mind this schedule is subject to change-- vist for exact dates and times.

Electronic Resources Update

maintenance.pngThank you for your patience and understanding while we transition between systems. Some of our electronic resources, including databases, may be unavailable or available only from on-campus during this time.

We understand your frustration and are working hard to make sure that all COD Library patrons have access to the resources they need when they need them.

If you have questions about accessing COD Library's electronic resources, please contact the reference desk at 630-942-3364 or visit Ask A Librarian to send us an email.

Thank you again and have a great semester!

January & February SOS Workshops & Webinars

Open your windows because librarians are shouting it from the rooftops: We Love Research

image credit: RasminOkay, so maybe close your windows. You don’t need to hear us shouting and it’s cold outside.
Instead, share the January-February SOS Workshop and Webinar schedule. It’s attached below and also available at the bottom of this here webpage:

Over the next few weeks we’ll be offering these hands-on workshops (in SRC 3104) and online webinars:

  • How to Find What you Need at COD Library
  • Getting Started with Research
  • APA Citing and Formatting
  • Welcome to Zotero
  • Using the Library's Databases
  • MLA Citing and Formatting

Drop in to any and all of these free sessions! Send your friends! Send your enemies! We have something for everyone this semester.
There is no registration for any SOS sessions-- just head over to SRC 3104 for the Workshops or click through to join a Webinar.

Visit to see dates, times and descriptions of upcoming sessions or download the flier [opens as PDF]

RUSA’s webinar “Strategies for Pizazz”

RUSA webina From RUSA:
Register now for RUSA’s webinar “Strategies for Pizazz”
Feb. 10, 2014 1-2pm CST

Webinar content is appropriate for librarians and library staff of all types who wish to revamp their instruction skills.

  • Discussion topics include:
  • differentiating instruction
  • concept-based videos
  • creating buy-in
  • straight-forward content
  • incorporating technology
  • making sessions fun through means of prizes, humor and other strategies.

Built on the success of the article “Razzle and dazzle’em: Stage directions for engaging instruction sessions” published in C&RL News, Prevett will outline directions for creating and delivering more engaging instruction sessions.
Participants will learn the steps used in creating an instruction session and will take away the practical knowledge to do it themselves. Also included are short pieces of background information on why these approaches should be used, including any relevant learning and education theories. A finished example of this process will be shown, which is the research guide used to teach skills to the upper level composition classes the presenter works with:

The approach taken in this webinar is for attendees to gain practical information that they can use right away. This will be as straight forward as possible, to provide insight into how these things translate to the classroom, and any tips or tricks with presenting the information that have worked or not worked.

Presenter: Trisha Prevett, Reference Librarian from Nova Southeastern University.

Get more information about this webinar:

Free PD webinar: Communicating the Value of Information Literacy Instruction

From EasyBib:
A central challenge for teaching librarians is articulating practical ways librarians can help students develop critical thinking and information literacy skills in the classroom.

This hour-long webinar will provide concrete strategies for building a cohesive narrative about library instruction’s value and offers several metaphors for conveying what we do to stakeholders. Please join librarians Dani Brecher (Claremont Colleges) and Kevin Klipfel (CSU-Chico) during this free event.

Date: Tuesday, January 21 @ 3 PM EST
Registration URL:

If you can't make it to the live event, all registrants will receive an archived copy of the webinar.

Try the "Meet the Press" Collection from Alexander Street Press

meet the pressSeveral instructors have expressed interest in the new Alexander Press database “Meet the Press,” so I would like to invite you all to take a look at the resource during our free trial and provide some feedback on whether or not you would like to see this database added to our collection.

"Since its television premiere in 1947, Meet the Press has cemented its position as an institution in broadcast journalism. For the first time ever, network TV’s longest running program—with its thousands of interviews, panels, and debates—is available via streaming online video. Now, students and scholars have unprecedented access to this treasure trove of material, including many episodes not seen since their original broadcast."

To explore Meet the Press:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Go to Meet the Press”
  • Please leave your evaluative comments on the trial page. If you click on Leave a Comment, you’ll see what others have written.

More on this collection here:

The trial is open until March 1st.

Library Juice Academy opportunities: December

LJA logo
Library Juice Academy is offering the following workshops in December.
For more information and workshop descriptions, visit

Grant Proposal Development for Libraries
Instructor: Grace Agnew | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Marketing the Library in the 21st Century
Instructor: Debra Lucas-Alfieri | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Ontologies and Linked Data
Instructor: Robert Chavez | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

The Sustainability Movement on Campus: Forming a Library Action Plan for Engagement
Instructor: Madeleine Charney | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Techniques for Creative Problem Solving in Libraries
Instructor: Annie Downey | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Team-Based Work Structures
Instructor: Aliqae Geraci | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Working Faster, Working Smarter: Productivity Strategies for Librarians
Instructor: Emily Drabinski | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Participatory Culture in the Library: Community-driven Collecting, Cataloging, and Curating
Instructor: Margaret Heller | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Online Instruction
Instructor: John Doherty | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

New ESL Materials in the Library

McGraw-Hill's Essential English Irregular Verbs by Mark Lester, Daniel Franklin and Terry Yokota.
PE1271 .L47 2010
A reference for beginning to advanced ESL students, this book unravels the mystery of this verb form so you can take your English-language skills to the next level. For each entry you'll get example sentences and conjugations, a complete listing of complements, the most important phrasal verb constructions, and common expressions--all in an easy-to-understand format.

Barron's 1100 Words You Need to Know by Murray Bromberg and Melvin Gordon.
PE1449 .B643 2013
Presents a forty-six-week series of daily exercises designed to teach the reader eleven hundred useful English words and idioms and to establish mastery of them.

Advanced English Grammar for ESL Learners by Mark Lester
PE1112 .L44 2011
Advanced English Grammar for ESL Learners is focused on those grammar topics that might pose special problems for you, especially if English is not your first language. Because it targets advanced topics, you will quickly zero in on what holds you back from fluency.

Talk and Write: A Photocopyable Collection of Writing Activities by Janet Morey and Gail Schafers
PE1408 .M684 2011
Create your own newspaper, "sketch" a portrait in words, imagine you're a pilgrim--and "chronicle" your voyages to America . . . writing is transformed into an innovative sojourn via this delightful resource of photocopiable activities! Ideal to encourage
students perfect their writing skills to further their education, the activities fuse creativity with academia in easy to use format.

Business Correspondence: A Guide to Everyday Writing: Intermediate by Lin Lougheed
PE1127.B86 L684 2003
Introduces adult ESL students to the proper formats and approaches to use in basic office communication. It offers students extensive contextualized practice, while extra grammar and punctuation exercises boost students' basic English skills.
Because each chapter centers around an office situation, students are exposed to 'real' language in 'real' situations.

I Speak English : A Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages--Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing by Ruth Johnson Colvin
PE1128.A2 C658 2012

Pass the U.S. Citizenship Exam
JK1758 .M37 2011
Explains the process of becoming a United States citizen,provides sample questions and answers, and discusses techniques to overcome anxiety, planning study time, and tips to improve exam results.

Teaching Adults: An ESL Resource Book
PE1128.A2 T423 2013
This go-to guide for ESL tutors covers the basics on English language and American culture learning, plus—57 ready-to-use activities on must-have topics.

English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners by Jean Yates
PE1128 .Y35 2012
Increase your confidence in talking with native English speakers with this book. Inside you will find more than 1,500 commonly used words you hear at work, at school, and on the street. Includes a unit on the latest vocabulary in such areas as technology, communications, and the media.

English Conversation by Jean Yates
PE1131 .Y36 2012
English Conversation gives you helpful instruction on correct pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and word usage, keeping in mind the typical problems of non-native English speakers like you. Each section includes a series of exercises that gives you extra practice in using new concepts and encourages you to construct personalized conversations. The lessons will reassure even grammar-phobic learners that you can achieve a confident speaking style.

English Pronouns and Prepositions by Ed Swick
PE1261 .S95 2011
Enables you to: successfully grasp English pronoun and preposition usage; review and compare different types of pronouns and prepositions; build your language skills with dozens of exercises and an answer key; and confirm what you've learned with a new end-of-book review.

English Sentence Builder by Ed Swick
PE1441 .S95 2009
You may have all the vocabulary down pat and every grammar point nailed--but without the skill of knowing how to put these elements together, communicating in your second language would be nearly impossible. Practice Makes Perfect: English Sentence Builders picks up from where other grammar books leave off, showing you the variety of structures and how to combine them to make solid sentences.


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