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Why Reference Sources?

Is your research topic too big to cover in a short paper?  Is your topic so specific that sources will be hard to find?

Before you even begin your research, start the process with reference sources-- in the Library's Reference Section or online in our databases.  Reference books, like subject encyclopedias, can give you a head start and make your research easier in the long run.  Use reference sources to:

  • find a topic
  • narrow your topic
  • find keywords
  • get background information on your topic

The American Midwest: An Interpretative Encyclopedia. Reference F 351 .A 534 2007.

America's Changing Neighborhoods : An Exploration of Diversity through Places.

Cities in American Political History. (2011)

CQ Press Guide to Urban Politics and Policy in the United States. (2016)

Cultural Geography: A Dictionary of Key Concepts. GF 4 .C 858 2005.

Dictionary of Geography. Reference G 63 .E 47 2007.

The Dictionary of Human Geography. (2009)

Economic Geography Online Dictionary and Glossary.

Electronic Journals in Geography List.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration. Reference JV 6465 .E 53 2010.

Encyclopedia of American Race Riots: Volume 1: A-M, Volume 2: N-Z

Encyclopedia of American Studies.

Encyclopedia of American Urban History. (2007)

Encyclopedia of Chicago. Reference F 548.3 .E 53 2004.

Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World

Encyclopedia of Geography . (2010)

Encyclopedia of Human Geography . (2006)

Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society. Reference HT 1521 .E 63 2008.

Encyclopedia of the City. Reference HT 108.5 .E 63 2005.

Encyclopedia of Urban America: The Cities and the Suburbs . Reference HT 123 .E 5 1998.

The Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures: Cities and Cultures Around the World. Reference HT 108.5 .E 53 2002.

Encyclopedia of Urban Legends . (2012)

Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Reference HT 108.5 .E 634 2010.

Encyclopedia of World Geography. Reference G 133 .E 48 2002

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Landscape and Urban Planning: A Multilingual Reference Book. (2010)

The Ethnic Handbook: A Guide to the Cultures and Traditions of Chicago's Diverse Communities. Ref. F 548.9 .A 1 E 87 1996.

Guide to Urban Politics and Policy in the United States.

Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor. General HD 8066 .H 57 2004.

Key Concepts in Urban Geography . General GF 125 .L 38 2008.

Key Concepts in Urban Studies . Reference HT 109 .G 68 2005.

The Language of Towns and Cities: A Visual Dictionary. Reference NA 9010.5 .T 45 2010.

SAGE Stats. A database of statistics arranged by varies topics and locations.

Statistical Abstract of the United States . Latest edition on Ready Reference, older editions at General HA 202 .U 5 S 93.

Urban Dictionary.

World Encyclopedia of Cities. Reference HT 108.5 .K 87 1993.


You must have a valid College of DuPage library cardto access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

Academic OneFile (formerly Expanded Academic Index ASAP). An index to over 2500 magazines and journals covering a variety of topic areas including anthropology. This database provides references, abstracts, and many times the full-text of articles. A COD library card is required for off-campus use.

Academic Search Complete [EBSCOhost]1984 to present; 1990 to present- full text). Abstracts and full-text aarticles from thousands of academic journals including general reference, education, social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, library and information science.

Google Scholar. This provides access to many free full-text articles, as well as citations to many other articles.

Military and Government Collection of articles.

National Newspapers(ProQuest). This includes the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Open Access Journals Directory (free full-text journal articles)

Policybot. This is a database of over 18,000 public policy reports and documents, most of them full-text & free online.

Project MUSE. Project MUSE offers full-text current and archival articles from 500+ scholarly journals from major university presses covering literature and criticism, history, performing arts, cultural studies, education, philosophy, political science, gender studies, and more. Updated continually.

SocIndex with Full-Text (1974-present). References & abstracts for journals for political science and other related social science disciplines.

More COD Library journal and newspaper article databases.
Explanation of Scholarly Journals
Explanation of the Difference Between Magazines and Journals
How to Read a Research Study Article.


Chicago Region and Neighborhoods
Controversial Topics Research Guide
Emergency Management and Disasters
Political Science
Social Problems/Culture Wars
Statistics for Demographics and Business/Economics


About.Geography. This is a portal to numerous other sites full of information.
American Geographical Society.
American Memory: Online Map Collections from the Library of Congress.
Association of American Geographers.
Careers in Geography.
Community Statistics by Zip Code. (American Fact Finder, from the U.S. Census Bureau)
County Soil Surveys from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Cultural Maps in American Studies.
Fire Insurance Maps for Illinois from Sanborn (Historical).
Geography Sites from Librarian's Index to the Internet
Geosource. International sources on geography, demography, environment.
Global Rural - Urban Mapping Project.
Global Urban Research Unit (GURU).
Google Earth! Combine satellite images with maps and photos to visually explore the world.
Google Maps Mania blog!
Graphs - How to make them tutorials.
Green Infrastructure Mapping in Wisconsin, Illinios, and Indiana.
Illinois Geographic Alliance.
Illinois Historic Maps from the University of Texas map collection
Illinois Historical Maps, from the University of Illinois Library.
Illinois historic Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS)
Land Use Interpretation Database
Library of Congress Online Map Collections.
Local Hometown Information.
Population and Demography Sites from the Librarian's Index to the Internet
Regional Studies Sites from the Virtual Library
Sanborn Historic Fire Insurance Maps for Illinois
Sprawl City: Consumption Growth and Population Growth information.
State and Local Government web sites directory.
Statistics selected by your Geography from Federal Stats/Map Stats.
Topographic Mapping from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Yahoo's Geography Links. http://www.yahoo.com/Science/Geography




Use Citing Sources to create a bibliographic citations in proper format.

PLUS: The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources, Reference & General collections. Call no. J 9.5 .G 37 2002.
And the Reference Collection has manuals for other citation styles as well.
Government Publication Citation Information.

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.


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