is now LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the new name for While accounts need to be updated, all content is in LinkedIn Learning.

I Already Have a LinkedIn Learning Account:

Go directly to the LinkedIn Learning login page.

I Need a New LinkedIn Learning Account:

  1. Go to LinkedIn Learning:
  2. Enter your DUPAGE.EDU or COD.EDU email address. You will get an email to verify your account.

I need to turn my account into a LinkedIn Learning account:

In August 2019 you should have received an email from LinkedIn Learning with a link to activate your LinkedIn Learning accounts. Follow the directions in that email to update your account.

Here are some tips to successfully activate your account and begin using LinkedIn Learning:

  1. For the very best user experience, log out of your LinkedIn account prior to activating your LinkedIn Learning account.
  2. After clicking the link to activate your account you will be directed to the COD login page, where you can enter your email address and password. You will be then directed to your LinkedIn Learning account.
  3. Upon activation, you will have the option to connect your LinkedIn profile OR to create a separate Learning account during activation. You do not have to connect your LinkedIn profile to your Learning account. But if you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to personalize your account with recommendations for your chosen learning goals, as well as what’s trending on LinkedIn Learning based on LinkedIn data. This will give you a learning experience that’s more tailored for your needs.
  4. Check out the guide to setting up your LinkedIn Learning account:

If you need assistance, contact Aaron Harwig, Electronic Resources Coordinator at:

Information About LinkedIn Learning

With LinkedIn Learning, you'll have a similar experience as you had with such as:

  • High-quality content: At the core of LinkedIn Learning is high-quality content. If you have favorite content on, don’t worry, it is still there!
  • Comprehensive data and progress: Data, including groups, playlists, assigned content, account settings, and histories were automatically migrated.
  • Learner course video page: All of the features and functionality of this page remains the same. This includes transcripts, exercise files, mobile viewing, and bookmarking.

You’ll also experience many new and improved features including:

  • A new, easy-to-use interface
  • Personalized course recommendations
  • Social curation, and more

Download the Connecting your LinkedIn Learning account guide to learn how to connect existing LinkedIn accounts to your new LinkedIn Learning account.