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COD LIBRARY CATALOG: Books and Videos in the COD Library only

I-SHARE (formerly Illinet Online): A catalog of items in 76 Illinois academic libraries

WORLDCAT: about books and videos in this country and around the world

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Outline of the Library of Congress Classification System (what C.O.D. uses to arrange its books)


Library Jargon: A Multi-lingual Guide to Library Words and Meanings

CREDO REFERENCE. Type in your terms in the search box to find articles from many different online reference books.

GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE LIBRARY. Type in your terms in the search box to find articles from many different online reference books.

The A-to-Z of Social Research: A Dictionary of Key Social Science Research Concepts.

The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology: A User's Guide to Sociological Language. Ref. HM 425 .J 64 2000

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. 11 vols. Reference HM 425 .B53 2007

Boy Culture: An Encyclopedia. Reference. HQ 797 .B 69 2010

Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology. Reference HM 425 .C36 2006

Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing.

Class in America: An Encyclopedia. Reference HN 90 .C 564 2007

The Collins Dictionary of Sociology. (2005)

Contemporary Youth Culture: An International Encyclopedia. Reference HQ 796 .C 8154 2006

The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. Ref. HQ21 .I68 2004

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body.

Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia. (2012)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.

Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World. Reference HM 756 .E 53 2003.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society. (2009)

Encyclopedia of Life Writing: Autobiographical and Biographical Forms.

Encyclopedia of Urban America: The Cities and the Suburbs. Ref. HT 123 .E 5 1998

Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures: Cities and Cultures around the World. Reference HT 108.5 .E 53 2002.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family. 4 vols. Ref. HQ 9 .E 52 2003.

Health, United States. Reference RA 407.3 .U57

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences..

Religions of the World: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia.. Reference BL 80.3 .R 45 2002

The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies. (2004)

The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Research Methods. Reference H 62 .L 456 2004.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. Reference HV 7245 .N37

State Stats: Statistics related to the States.

Statistical Abstract of the United States. Ready Reference HA202 .U5 S93

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices. Reference BL 80.3 .W 67 2006


You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.


<Academic OneFile (formerly Expanded Academic Index ASAP). An index to over 2500 magazines and journals covering a variety of topic areas including anthropology. This database provides references, abstracts, and many times the full-text of articles. A COD library card is required for off-campus use.

Academic Search Premier/Complete [EBSCOhost]1984 to present; 1990 to present- full text). Abstracts from nearly 3000 journals and full text for 1250 journals including general reference, education, social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, library and information science. A COD library card is required for off-campus use.

SocIndex with Full-Text articles. The database features more than 1,700,000 records with subject headings from a 15,600 term sociological thesaurus designed by subject experts and expert lexicographers. This product also contains informative abstracts for more than 740 "core" coverage journals dating as far back as 1895. In addition, this database provides data mined from more than 540 "priority" coverage journals as well as from over 2,800 "selective" coverage journals. Further, extensive indexing for books/monographs, conference papers, and other content sources is included.


The Free Library. A database of free magazine and journal articles.

Google Scholar. This provides access to many free full-text articles, as well as citations to many other articles.

IngentaConnect. This is an index to millions of journal articles, book chapters, reports, and more. Most are not available as full-text online items.

JSTOR: Scholarly Journals Archive of Older Issues.

Open Access Journals Directory (free full-text journal articles)

Project MUSE. This database provides citations and abstracts only.

SCIRUS. A search engine for citations to journal articles and links to web pages, and covers many more subjects than just Anthropology.


More COD Library journal and newspaper article databases.

Does the C.O.D. Library own the journal that I need?

Explanation of the Difference between Journals and Magazines .

How to Read a Research Study Article.




Economics Research Guide

Food and Culture Research Guide.


Global Health Resources Research Guide

Global Studies Research Guide.


Middle Eastern Cultures Resources

Political Science

Religious Studies

Statistics for Demographics and Business/Economics

Urban Studies

Women's and Gender Studies.


COD Sociology Program Homepage

Global Rural - Urban Mapping Project.
Global Urban Research Unit (GURU).
Google Earth! Combine satellite images with maps and photos to visually explore the world.
Google Maps Mania blog!
Graphs - How to make them tutorials.
Green Infrastructure Mapping in Wisconsin, Illinios, and Indiana.
Illinois Geographic Alliance.
Illinois Historic Maps from the University of Texas map collection
Illinois Historical Maps, from the University of Illinois Library.
Illinois historic Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS)
Land Use Interpretation Database
Library of Congress Online Map Collections.
Local Hometown Information.
Population and Demography Sites from the Librarian's Index to the Internet
Regional Studies Sites from the Virtual Library
Sanborn Historic Fire Insurance Maps for Illinois
Sprawl City: Consumption Growth and Population Growth information.
State and Local Government web sites directory.
Statistics selected by your Geography from Federal Stats/Map Stats.
Topographic Mapping from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Yahoo's Geography Links.


Reference Books

African American Encyclopedia. Reference E185 .A253 2001

Asian American Encyclopedia. Reference E 184 .O 6 A 827 1995

Black Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook. Reference E185.5 .B512

Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture. Reference HT 1521 .D 537 2003

Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History. (2006)

Encyclopedia of African Peoples. Reference DT 15 .E 53 2000

Encyclopedia of Diasporas : Immigrant and Refugee Cultures around the World. Reference DS 134 .E 63 2004

Encyclopedia of European Peoples. Reference D 1056 .W 35 2006

Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Reference E 184 .S 75 O 97 2005

Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures. Ref. RA 418 .E 354 2004.

Encyclopedia of Peoples of the World. Reference GN 495.4 .E 53 1992

Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society. Reference HT 1521 .E 63 2008.

Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture. (2008)

Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora. Reference DS 432.5 .E 53 2006

Encyclopedia of the World's Minorities. Reference GN 495 .E 63 2005

Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 10 volumes. Reference GN 307 .E53.

Endangered Peoples: Struggles to Survive and Thrive series:
Africa and the Middle East. General GN 635 .N 42 E 53 2002
Arctic. General GN 673 .E 72 2000
Europe. General D 1056.2 .E 85 E 63 2001
Latin America. General E 65 .E 57 2001
North America. General E 98 .E 85 E 53 2002
Southeast and East Asia. General GN 635 .S 58 E 5 2000

Ethnic Groups Worldwide: A Ready Reference Handbook. Reference GN 325 .L 46 1998.

Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the U.S. Military: An Encyclopedia. (2012)

Ethnic Groups of Africa and the Middle East: An Encyclopedia. (2011)

Ethnic Groups of Europe: An Encyclopedia. (2011)

Ethnic Groups of South Asia and the Pacific: An Encyclopedia. (2012)

Ethnic Relations: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia. Reference GN 307 .E 64 E 8 1994

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. Reference E 184 .A 1 G 14 2000

Hispanic American Almanac. Reference E184.S75 H557

Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary. (2010)

Latino America: A State - by - State Encyclopedia. Reference E 184 .S 75 L 35555 2008

Native Americans: An Encyclopedia of History, Cutlures and Peoples. Reference E 77 .P 89 1998

Peoples of the World: The Culture, Geographical Setting and Historical Background series:
Africans South of the Sahara. Reference DT 352.42 .M 67 1991
Asians and Pacific Islanders. Reference GN 625 .M 67 1993
Eastern Europe and the Post-soviet Republics. Reference DJK 26 .M 67 1993
Middle East and North Africa. Reference DS 58 .M 67 1992
Western Europeans. Reference D 21.3 .M 67 1993

Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Whites (statistics). Reference E184.A1 R78

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. 4 volumes. Reference GN 333. W67.


Reference Books

Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger of Disappearing. Reference G 1046 .E 3 A 85 2001.

The Color of Words: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Ethnic Bias in the U.S. Reerence. E 184 .A 1 H 466 1997.

Concise Encyclopedia of Lnaguage and Religion. Reference P 41 .C 65 2001.

Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics.

A Dictionary of Made-up Languages : From Ad√Ľnaic to Elvish, Zaum to Klingon-- the Anwa (real) Origins of Invented Lexicons. Reference P 120 .I 53 R 64 2011

The Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics. Reference P 143 .T 727 2000.

Dictionary of Languages: The Definitive Reference to More than 400 Languages.. (2006)

Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe. Reference P 380 .E 53 1998.

Facts about the World's Languages. Reference P 371 .F 33 2000.

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics. 4 vols. Reference P 29 .I 58 2003.

Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language: An Encyclopedia.

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech. By Edwar Sapir. A printed copy is also available in the Library's General Collection at call number P 105 .S 2 1949.

Language and Communication: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia. Reference GN 307 .E 64 L 36 1998.

NTC's Dictionary of China's Cultural Code Words. General DS 721 .D 39 1996.

NTC's Dictionary of Japan's Cultural Code Words. General DS 821 .D 467 1994.

NTC's Dictionary of Mexican Cultural Code Words. General F 1210 .D 38 1996.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED). (for word histories)

Reference PE 1625 .O 87 1991

Word Origins Dictionary.

Internet Sites

"Do You Speak American?" from PBS. Lanugages of the World.

The Modern Language Association Language Map.

Sociolinguistics: A Complete Guide to Facts and Resources.


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Use Citing Sources for examples of bibliographic citations in proper format.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA] . The "Bible" for APA style papers and reference lists.
Reference & General BF 76.7.P83

Style Guide of the American Sociological Association (ASA)strong> from Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Style Guide of the American Sociological Association (ASA). Reference HM 569 .A 54.

APA Style Guide to Electronic References [electronic book] Reference & General BF 76.7 .P832

Concise Rules of APA Style. Reference & General BF 76.7 .C66 2005

APA: The Easy Way! General BF 76.7. H68 2007

The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources, Reference & General collections. Call no. J 9.5 .G 37 2002.
And the Reference Collection has manuals for other citation styles as well.
Government Publication Citation Information.

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.


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