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Religious Studies


Welcome to the Religious Studies Research Guide

This guide contains information on many religious traditions. Click on a link below to find information on a specific religious tradition.

If you need additional help, stop by the Reference Desk or contact a reference librarian: Ask A Librarian.

Everything is on the Internet, right? No.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are millions of books and articles whose content is not freely available on the open web.

As we all know the Internet contains an incredible amount of useful information. Conversely, it also has a lot of information that is not credible, reliable or well-informed. Some information on the web are blatant lies, or half-truths published in order to support a particular belief or opinion. (For more information on learning how to distinguish the good, bad and ugly on the Internet, see The CRAP Test.

Using resources available through the Library will save you time and frustration, and undoubtedly will lead you to producing higher-quality work.

Types of Resources:

Reference Materials:

Use reference materials, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries to get background information and a basic understanding of your topic.

Book & Journal Articles:

Books and journal articles provide a more focused examination of the topic. Again, most books and articles found in the Library's databases are written by experts.


Bible Resources

Central to many of these traditions are the Old and New Testaments. Click on the following links to find Encyclopedias, Concordances and Dictionaries.
Old Testament
New Testament