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Using SciFinder
SciFinder requires a two-step log in. First, you must have a library card. Then users must create an individual account to use SciFinder. Please register to use SciFinder using your COD email address. Use your COD-associated email address only ( or Student email accounts are ALWAYS
See the attached file for registration help.

SciFinder Registration

Registered Users
After you've registered, use the link below to access SciFinder. First, log in using your last name and Library barcode number, then log into your SciFinder personal account with the username and password you created when you registered with SciFinder. The Login is at the top right side of the SciFinder site:

Go to SciFinder

Using SciFinder.
You can search SciFinder by structure, reaction, reference, or topic.

Help Using Scifinder
There are a variety of help and troubleshooting resources on the SciFinder Training page.