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Library Workshops

Library Workshops support the mission of the Library’s Information Literacy Instruction Program by providing students, faculty, staff, and district residents with varied opportunities to become effective critical users and producers of ideas and information. Library Workshops are built on the foundation of the skills and knowledge learners need in order to succeed in work, life and citizenship.


Library Workshops will provide co-curricular information literacy instruction that supports the research needs of the college community; empowers learners to use tools at hand to meet information needs; and helps learners develop critical consciousness about the information environment.

In Library Workshops

  • Learners actively participate in the process of becoming informed
  • Learners continually analyze one’s own and others’ assumptions
  • Learners consider how information is created, produced, and distributed
  • Learners use intellectual property ethically

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Kelley, Librarian