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Economics Mind Map - related topics and concepts



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Why Reference Sources?

Is your research topic too big to cover in a short paper?  Is your topic so specific that sources will be hard to find?

Before you even begin your research, start the process with reference sources-- in the Library's Reference Section or online in our databases.  Reference books, like subject encyclopedias, can give you a head start and make your research easier in the long run.  Use reference sources to:

  • find a topic
  • narrow your topic
  • find keywords
  • get background information on your topic

The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia
A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
A Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists
Collins Dictionary of Economics
The Collins Dictionary of Economics
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
Economics A to Z (from The Economist)
The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Economics: The Definitive Encyclopedia.
Encyclopedia of Keynesian Economics
Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics
Encyclopedia of Political Economy. Reference HB 61 .E 554 2001
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia. (2014)
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Library of Economics and Liberty Full-text classic books in the field of economics.
The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Economics. Reference HB 61 .E55 1994
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Reference HB 61 .N49 1987
Real-World Decision Making : An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics. (2015)
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society. (2015)
Today's Economic Issues: Democrats and Republicans. (2016)
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
Who's Who in Economics (2003)


Print journals in the Current Periodicals section on the Lower Level:
Economist, Barrons (newspaper), Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, The Wall Street Journal (newspaper)

You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus. If you want to find citations that have links to the full text of the articles, be sure to scroll down below the search boxes and click on the FULL TEXT search limitation feature.

A to Z World Business. Comprehensive country-by-country resource for information on international business and trade.
Academic OneFile. An index to over 2500 magazines and journals covering a variety of topic areas including economics. This database provides references, abstracts, and many times the full-text of articles.
Academic Search Complete. Abstracts from nearly 3000 journals and full text for 1250 journals including general reference and economics.
Business Source Complete. Abstracts and full-text articles covering all disciplines of business and economics.
The Chicago Tribune newspaper. Full-text of articles from 1989-present.
Credo Reference. Use the search box to find articles in reference books in the field of economics as well as other areas.
EconPapers Online
Films on Demand - Business and Economics. A collection of online streaming videos.
Gale Virtual Reference Library. Use the search box to find articles about economics in encyclopedias, almanacs, and specialized reference books.
JSTOR. This is an archive of digitized journal articles ranging in date from the 1700's to the early 2000's. These collections span a variety of subjects in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Physical Sciences.
National Newspapers(ProQuest). This includes the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.
New York Times Newspaper. Indexing and full-text articles from 1980-present.
STATISTA A very easy to use database, which automatically gives you graphs and charts on various topics.
Statistical Abstract of the United States. Latest print edition at downstairs Ready Reference HA 202 .U 5 S 93. Older print editions under the same call number in the General Collection upstairs.
The Wall Street Journal. Indexing and full-text articles from 1984-present.

More COD Library journal and newspaper article databases
Explanation of Scholarly Journals
Explanation of the Difference Between Magazines and Journals
How to Read a Research Article


DuPage County Department of Economic Development and Planning
Illinois Department of Commerce
Illinois Economic Development Directory


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Illinois. Statistics on employment, wages, labor force, and CPI.
County or Zip Code Business Patterns, from the U.S. Census Bureau
Illinois Data and Statistics
Illinois Department of Commerce
Illinois Prevailing Wage Rate
Illinois Statistics by Subject and Agency


The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns.
Economy Track: U.S. Labor Market Economic Policy Institute's interactive look at the U.S. labor market
Economic Report of the President
FDIC State Economic Profiles Quarterly data sheet summation of banking and economic conditions in each state
A Financial History of the United States
National Center for Environmental Economics. (NCEE) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
U.S. Economy at a Glance. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Statistics of the United States: Patterns of Economic Change. . Reference HC 101 .A 131222 2014
Consumer Expenditure Survey
Consumer Price Index Monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services.
Economic Indicators Prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers for the Joint Economic Committee.
FDIC State Economic Profiles Quarterly data sheet summation of banking and economic conditions in each state
FedStats Access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government.
Guide to Economic Indicators
Measuring Worth The purchasing power of money in the United States from 1774 to the present.
OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
OECD Economic Surveys of the United States 2014 This online book examines recent U.S. economic developments, policies and prospects.
Statistical Abstract of the United States Latest print editions at Ready Reference. Older editions at General HA 202 .U
U.S. Bureau of the Census Lists monetary amounts awarded for federally-sponsored projects.


Brain Drain and Talent Mobility background reading
Financial Crises background reading
Income and Wealth Inequality background reading
Underground Economies background reading
Unemployment background reading

A to Z World Business. Comprehensive country-by-country resource for information on international business and trade.
AltaPlan: An International Economics Gateway
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. A commission of the United Nations, it seeks to reinforce economic ties among countries.
Economic Freedom of the World (Fraser Institute). Find out how much economic freedom exists in a given country.
International Economics and Trade Glossary
OECD Economic Outlook
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Latin America
A Political and Economic Dictionary of South Asia. General DS 334 .S 683 2006
A Political and Economic Dictionary of the Middle East
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe
Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy
U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets. (formerly Background Notes) Select a country from the list.
United Nations: Economic and Social Development
World Economic and Social Survey. Reference HC 59 .A169 2013
World Economic Outlook. From the International Monetary Fund.
World Factbook. Select a country from the drop-down menu and click on 'Economy.'
Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies. Reference HC 15 .W675 2002
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. Reference G 63 .W67 2007


Economic Indicators
Economic Statistics. Data on industries, trade, and GDP's from around the world.
Eurostat. Statistics from the European community.
Foreign Statistical Agencies
GeoHive: Global Statistics
International Historical Statistics. Reference HA 154 .M51
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Trade Statistics (WTO). Reference HF 1371 .I584
OECD iLibrary. Browse by country and select the economic data you want to view.
Statistical Yearbook (United Nations). Reference HA 12.5 .U63
Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific. Reference HA 1665 .S73
The World Bank


The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia also Reference HC 102 .A 66 2003
Cambridge Economic History List of COD Library books from the Cambridge University Press, very good economic history books on time periods, regions, and countries.
Datapedia of the United States: America Year by Year Reference HA 202 .D 283 2007
Economic Thought Since Keynes: A History and Dictionary of Major Economists (1997)
Economy: History of Women's Participation
Encyclopedia of American Economic History General HC 103 .E 52 1980
Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History
Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present. also Ref. HF 1373 .W 67 2004
FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research. Lots of historical statistics.
The Gale Encyclopedia of American Economic History. Reference HC 102 .G 35 1999
Historical Statistics of the United States. Reference HA 202 .H 57 2006
International Historical Statistics series:
.....Africa, Asia, and Oceania, 1750-2005 Reference HA 4675 .M 553 2007
.....Americas, 1750-2005 Reference HA 175 .M 552 2007
.....Europe, 1750-2005 Reference HA 1107 .M 5 2007
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History. Reference HC 15 .O94 2003
The Value of a Dollar: Colonial Era to the Civil War, 1600-1865, & 1860-2014. Reference HB 235 .U6
World Economic Historical Statistics Reference HA 155 .S 23 2005

Some countries were colonies for a long time, so there might not be much economic information about them until they became independent after the Second World War (post-1945). For BOOKS about individual countries or regions, do a keyword search in the Library Catalog here: Library Catalog. In the first search box, type in the name of the country or region, and in the second search box,change the drop-down box from TITLE to KEYWORD and type in: economic conditions OR economic history OR economy. ALSO, general history books about a country should also have a section about the economic history of that country.


Environmental/Ecological Studies research guide
Science and Politics research guide

Background Readings
The Economics of Climate Change: A Primer.
What is Environmental Economics?
What is Ecological Economics?
What is Environmentalism?
What about Economic Growth and the Environment?
What is Globalization?
What are limits to growth?
What is Environmental Degradation?
What is Environmental Justice?
What is Environmental Planning?
What is Environmental Policy?
What is Environmental Racism?
What is Environmental Regulation?
What are Environmental Services?
What is Free Market Environmentalism?
What is the Policy Process?
What is the Public Interest?
What is Risk Assessment?
What is Social Ecology?
What are Tradeoffs?
What is Urban Sprawl?
What is Wind Energy Economics?
Environmental Policy at the State Level reading
Land Availability and Degradation reading
What are Dematerialization and Immaterialization?
Environmental Economics Mind Map - related topics and concepts

Reference Books
America Goes Green: An Encyclopedia of Eco-Friendly Culture in the United States.
At Issue: Should the U.S. Reduce its Consumption? General HC 110 .C 6 S 54 2011
Critical Government Documents on the Environment. General GE 180 .P 45 2015
A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy. Reference QH 540.4 .G 72 2001
Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems. (2014)
Encyclopedia of Environment and Society. (2007)
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy. (2009)
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia. (2014)
Environmental Encyclopedia.
Environmental Issues: Primary Sources. (2006)
Green Atlas: A Multimedia Guide. (2013)
Green Cities: An A to Z Guide.
Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A to Z Guide.
Green Issues and Debates: An A to Z Guide. (2011)
Green Politics: An A to Z Guide.
Green Technology: An A to Z Guide. (2011)
Handbook of Global Environmental Politics.
Handbook of Environmental Sociology.
International Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics.
Today's Environmental Issues: Democrats and Republicans
Trash Talk: The Encyclopedia of Garbage and Recycling around the World. (2015)
Opposing Viewpoints: Garbage and Recycling. General TD 791 .G 37 2012


Background Readings
Behavioral Economics
Conspicuous Consumption
Consumer Culture
Consumerism, 1st article
Consumerism, 2nd article
Consumerism and History
Consumption and the Environment
Home Shopping
Internet Addiction Disorder
Shopping Malls
Sociology of Consumer Behavior
Consumerism Mind Map - related topics and concepts
Conspicuous Consumption Mind Map - related topics and concepts

Reference Books
Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture Reference HC 79 .C 6 E 53 2011
Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste. (2012)
Green Consumerism: An A - to - Z Guide. (2011)
Real-World Decision Making : An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics. (2015)
The Social Media Revolution Encyclopedia.
COD Library Business Anthropology research guide


COD Sustainability Film Series
Biology research guide
Environment and Ecology research guide
Environmental Economics research guide
Science and Politics research guide
Sustainable DuPage County research guide

Background Readings
What is Sustainability?
What is Sustainable Development?
What is Green Growth?
Sustainability Mind Map - related topics and concepts

Reference Books
Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food
Encyclopedia of Sustainability Reference GE10 .E 528 2010
Opposing Viewpoints: Global Sustainability. General HC 79 .E 5 G 59147 2016

List of COD Library books on Sustainability
List of COD Library videos on Sustainability