Evidence-Based Resources

thumb_HP-health-information-technology.jpgEvidence-Based (EB) resources show students why they are told to do things a specific way and help them understand that current practices are not based on whim or preference, but rather on a solid foundation of carefully conducted clinical research. For students, EB resources bridge the “gap” between the medical literature (be it textbooks, journal articles, or other didactic information) and the specific procedures and protocols that students must follow in a clinical setting. For practicing health professionals, EB resources support existing practices and protocols and/or provide relevant clinical data necessary to justify the implementation of new procedures.


CINAHL_EB.jpgThe CINAHL database contains "Evidence-Based Care Sheets" and "Quick Lessons" (both accessed via the blue bar links at the top of the CINAHL page).

EB Websites

Credible Evidence-Based Web Sites are listed in the "Recommended Nursing Websites" portion of the “Websites” Section of COD Library's Nursing Resource Guide.

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