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IBISWorld is the largest web-based industry research provider covering over 1300 US industries, which encompasses 97% of the US economy. We publish all of our industry reports at the 5-digit level of the NAICS code – all delivered via our website. IBISWorld’s industry research includes industry performance, forecasts, products/services, competitive landscape, major companies, operating conditions and more. All charts within a report can be exported to Excel and all graphs can be copy and pasted into any Word report. IBISWorld reports are used widely in courses of Accounting, Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics and Supply Chain Management.

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This is a fantastic resource for students, faculty, entrepreneurs, business owners and researchers. The depth and quality of industry analysis is far superior to Plunkett's and Hoover's, and it's much easier to use than BSC. The major benefit of this source (over the other three) is the breakdown of major industry groups in sub-categories and specialized reports, which makes it very useful for business plans and industry research. I tried a few searches on topics that I know I wouldn't find in our current industry databases, things like street vendors/food trucks, handyman services, dog grooming, yoga studios. I uncovered great information on demographics, opportunities/threats, forecasts, business environment, etc. It's very easy to locate sub-industry categories through keyword searching or broad industry breakdowns. The industry reports are well-organized and presented, with drop-down options for performance, outlook, products & markets, (comprehensive) competitive landscape, key facts about major companies, etc. etc. And if all of that weren't enough, the graphics are visually striking and very attractive. The rewards and benefits of this pricey database justify the cost. Business students will learn the power and value of Library resources for successful completion of COD research projects, with potential extension into opportunities for local business and economic development.

IBIS World would be a great resource to have available, especially with the variety and depth of industry information that isn't available in Plunketts.

I think IBIS would be a valuable replacement for the industry information that was available S&P Net Advantage.

I do not see the value for dollar on this resource. It seems awfully expensive for content that we already cover in Hoover's, Plunkett's, and other business resources. Not sure community college student researchers need or would make good use of this level of information. Of course, this subject is not my area of expertise, so I'll defer to our Business specialists.

Good content, but don't we already have access to similar content in HOOVERS and Business Source Complete database? Also, it seems way too expensive to me. What would we drop to pay for this?

I would advocate for the addition of this database to our industry research collection. Our SBDC has access in their offices, but the general public does not. While Hoover's does offer industry reports, the content carried in IBISWorld goes into greater depth and packaged better. Both tools would complement each other and with the new renewed interest in entrepreneurial activity on campus and integration into the SLRP, I would expect increased demand in this type of report.