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Statista is a statistics and demographics repository with over 1,000,000 data sets. Though this source focuses heavily on industries, it also includes social and health data.
Full topic list is here:
The data sets can be downloaded into Excel and the basic graphs and charts representing each data set can be downloaded into PPT and PDF.
A variety of bibliographic citation styles are offered for each data set.

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Omg I’m hyperventilating here! SO MUCH DATA NERDITUDE!!!!!

I should add that embedding the materials in Blackboard works very well. Not only does one get to "play" with a lot of data on a lot of relevant topics (and yes, it's a treasure trove for the social sciences), but they have ready-made powerpoint "dossiers" that compile a lot of data on selected topics. I really, REALLY, love this resource. Again, in the context of the social sciences, and our upcoming data science certificate, this would be extremely useful.

Did the following searches and got the following number of results

Weld - 0
Welding - 0
Manufacturing - 9
Maker - 4
Logistics - 3
Economy - 16
Collar - 0
Jobs - 816

I'm not sure if this tool has a lot of value for me on the Tech side of the house.

David Ellis

Statista is a fun and informative database. I see it as a great statistical source for all academic levels. It seems easy to use and very appealing.

I love this resource so much. The topic choices are somewhat limited but I can see a lot of students using this in their research (if they happen to be working on one of the subjects covered in the product). I love how each topic area and industry is described ("Statistics and Market Data" on X topic). I also like all of the built-in infographics that students can download in a variety of formats. I think we should get this and Social Explorer to see what we can do with them.

One more thing: this resource would add content for the new Data Analysis certificate. And the raw data would support those courses that teach statistical methodologies and analysis.

This seems to be pretty big and useful. I like how the pages look. How much is SAGE STATS? This might be the better deal, depending on the price, as it seems to have a very broad scope and variety.

I use a significant amount of statistical data in my CIS 1150 (Intro Computers) and CIS 1310 (HTML & CSS) courses.

In 1150, I update my presentations every term to include recent data reflecting the following:

Operating System usage
Application usage
Platform migration
Technology impact on industry sectors (e.g., bar coding, rfid, etc.)
Output selection trends (monitors and printers)
Project management trends
Security and malware trends
Computer industry employment outlooks
Skill set requirements

In 1310, while the scope is more narrow, the use of statistical data is greater:

Online population
Broadband penetration
Connection speed
Domain tracking
Adult Internet use
Online activities
Mobile shopper activities
Top smartphone apps
Online privacy concerns
Top multimedia sites
Social networking sites and use
E-commerce and M-commerce growth
Top web properties
Top mobile properties
Smartphone operating system use
Demographic Internet usage
Browser usage
Screen size usage
Design trends
Usability trends

Much of this information that I retrieve comes from Statista. Unfortunately, since I do not have direct access to their data, I have to search out second hand sources. I currently use more than 15 different sources in an attempt to gather all this information and it can be quite time consuming. If we had direct access to Statista, not only would my research become more efficient, but I would have access to a wealth of data that is currently not available to me, and more importantly, it would offer the opportunity to teach students how to mine the data for their own consumption.

Michael J. Losacco
Professor, Computer Information Systems

I really liked this. It was easy to use and I actually found information that I've already used in class to build a scenario for a group exercise.

I really like this resources, especially the Dossier reports. It would be nice if custom reports could be made, mash ups of statistical data, and infographics, Regardless, this would be very useful in several disciplines beyond the social sciences, including many Humanities-related areas.