Management 2210

Managers and Their Environment - A Research Guide

Part I and II - Industry and Company Environmental Analysis

Task: Conduct a SWOT analysis for each of your two companies. What are you firm's key internal strengths and weaknesses? What are their major external opportunities and threats?

  • Business Source Complete
    This database contains SWOTs for select large, public companies.
  • Mergent Intellect
    This database does not have SWOT analyses, but content in the "trends" and "opportunities" section of the company's profile can be helpful in developing your own SWOT.
  • Morningstar Investment Research Center
  • Each profile has a tab for "Stock Analysis". Read these for content that you can use to develop your own SWOT.

Part III - Analysis of Today's Key Issues

Task: Discuss the key issues facing your company today.

Use Business Source Complete and Wall Street Journal to find articles and news stories about their management and leadership. I recommend using the CEO's name and/or the name of the company in your search.

Part IV - Resource Evaluation

Task: Cite your sources. Explain why you used each resource in 2-3 sentences below each citation. Use the Library's citing sources page for examples.