Management 2230

You will be asked to find articles to support your answers in this class. Here are some hints to better searching for articles.

Best databases to start with:

Wall Street Journal
This is THE business newspaper. Published daily. Great source for small articles about specific companies or issues in logistics.

Business Source Complete
Biggest business focused database we have. Source for articles and reports on business and companies. To avoid being overwhelmed, use the refine buttons on the left hand side to find articles that are full-text or from a particular source.

Hints for better searching:

"Different words different results."

Instead of just searching "supply disruption" try these words and phrases. Combining words will also help with searches that produce too many results.

supply management
supply chains
supply and demand
automobile supplies industry
supply chain management
business logistics
inventory control
distribution channels

Other examples:

"business logistics and grocery"
"suppliers and automotive"
"coffee industry and suppliers"